Exhibitor Manual & Forms

The exhibitor manual gives information about the show to help you co-ordinate your involvement.  Included are details of the venue's website for Sydney Showground's services and Harry the Hirer's website for booking their services.

Also below are other details referred to in the manual. A venue map, a summary of venue services, a transport booking form if required, and information on InfoSalons trackers.

If you have any queries please contact Geoff Holland, BusNSW Exhibition Coordinator via phone 0412 361 580 or email info@contactexhibitions.com.au   


To download the 2016 Exhibitor Manual click here»


Sydney Showground Venue Map & Wash Bay click here»
Sydney Showground Venues Services click here»
Agility Transport Booking Form click here»
Info Salons- Info Tracker Order Form click here»

Show Program

AB + CS Program Listing Form click here»

Please complete the AB+C Program listing form and return it to info@contactexhibitions.com.au as soon as you possibly can.  The deadline is Friday 19 August.  While there will be a few days grace after that date, and we will contact those who haven't responded by the deadline, it would be very helpful if you could respond promptly.